Life and Growth. 100 x 100 cm. Chinese ink on canvas.


Zheng transfers traditional Chinese ink painting technique into contemporary inspiration on canvas. His spiritual landscapes evolves transcendence that reflect the mind and condenses the knowledge of reality, making his works quiet and clear. Zheng was able combine his photography which he studied with modern ink compositions.

In Zheng’s childhood, he often saw his grandfather writing and sculpturing, which triggered a strong interest in the arts, learning Chinese painting since the age of thirteen. As a teenager living and painting the grasslands, deserts and mountains far from home, he despaired often desperate to find hope in life by selling his paintings yet his works often show that there is hope in nothingness.

He carved statues in the temple in the mountains, did meditation, with only the sound of drum and bell, to understand the mind, condense the knowledge of reality making his works quiet and clear but full of happiness, eventually beyond the images of style with achievements made from ink

Featured Exhibitions

2014    Enlightenment: Then and Now

The Beginning of the World. 100 x 100 cm. Chinese ink on canvas.

Prosperous Lotus World. 120 x 260cm. Chinese ink on canvas.