Breeching at Sculpture by the Sea 2014.




Born: Melbourne, Australia, 1958.


Michael exudes vitality typical of a male delving into so many facets available to a person in Australia when one is curious, energetic and creative.


His sculptures in various mediums, illustrate his love of natural form, secondary only to the natural textures that particularly his wood pieces detail as written in his;


“The Expression of the Tree”


I feel that the shape of the tree has been lost in the timber generic where the utilitarian appeal of timber has been over emphasised at the expense of the expression of the tree.  It seems that the wood is considered more important than the original living form.



Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, he studied at RMIT Sculpture Department in the early days, becoming more and more independent from the opinions of others in later life and determined to view his works, and his creations, his way.



Sculptures made of wood are unique by definition, as only that work of art exists in contrast with bronzes or cement fondues.


‘Sea Life Series’

All living forms are bound by the laws of least resistance; this feeling and movement permeates all life and as a consequence the best system will be utilised ad infinitum. These arrangements create the impression of ambiguity when in fact it is just natural commonality.

This ‘Sea life Series’ reflects the creatures solutions to moving and living in a marine environment. Always remembering that resistance creates form. No resistance would result in vastly different arrangements.

Water is probably as close as life gets to a weightless environment, so all their design can focus on movement as against support as in land animals.



Australia is blessed with a magnificent environment, air, land, water and space. Michael Greve loves his country, his work shows us this love as well as the respect he holds for what it gives to him.

Michael was awarded both the Allens People's Choice Prize and the Sculpture by the Sea Staff Choice Prize at the 2014 Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi, with his work Breeching.

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Featured Exhibitions

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2004    SAAF Sydney Art Fair, MAAF Melbourne Art Fair, ARTSingapore
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                                    Shark 2001                                                                   Abalone 4.5 x 8.5 x 10.5 cm  Australian Red Gum.

Escarpment. 9 x 48 x 77 cm

Ocean Swell, 2008