LIZ BLIZZARD,   Australia

Arkaroola. 122 x 152 cm. Oil on canvas.

Liz Blizzard, a Victorian from birth has studied, taught and practised art since 1964. Studying in Prahran Institute and lecturing in Ballarat University.  Her works are vibrant visual depictions of our land and range from enormous oils on canvas to almost miniature pastels on board. Now a full time artist her work has exhibited world wide from Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Australia wide.

Liz is fascinated by the diversity, colour and vastness of the landscape which is unique to Australia. Her paintings are an emotional response to the landscape and reflect the energy, strength and at time subtle qualities she senses therein.

East and West Art has handled her work since her solo Exhibition here in 2000 when she presented a show of her travels around the Australian desert for four weeks.


Featured Exhibitions
2014     May - June: Artists Celebrating 41 Years
2011     October: Group Exhibition - Our Landscape
2006     ART Singapore
            Shanghai Art Fair
2004     MAAF
            Singapore Art Fair
            Sydney Affordable Art Fair
2002     Melbourne International Art Fair
2001     ART Singapore
2000     ACAF
            Melbourne International Art Fair
            Australian Journey - Time and Place

Ragged Mountain Cloud. 50 x 24 cm.