Cloud is Mountain. 121 x 120 cm. Acrylics
on canvas.


Ji Wye To, as Professor of Fine Arts in the Hong Kong Buddhist College, is a phenomenon in this world.  However as being a human being, relating to life, to feeling, to joy and sadness, thinking and meditating then trying to put it into material form, be it words or painting.

He lives in the 21st century, a generation of Eastern and Western thought, where influences reflected both ways, the development of Chinese culture has now been formed with      the acceptance and reflection of these two thoughts.

Zen at the basis of ancient traditional Chinese art, is now incorporated with abstractness and cubism.  For example: reality with vagueness and juxtaposition with stillness represented in Ji Wye’s new series ‘Cloud is Mountain’.  Having travelled the full cycle from traditional Chinese art, he now incorporates this realism or solid objects in his world of space. They float, moving from one position to the next, as clouds float over the world, over of humanity and mountains, dividing and joining opening and closing like the thoughts in his mind.

These clouds represent spiritual emptiness, full, pure and simplistic, in contrast, to the mountains which are fixed to earth, steady and strong.  However the mountain can be moved, not a floating cloud – as fragile as it is, blowing away to collect in another atmosphere cannot be altered by man.

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