Chen Chou-Pao was born in 1948 in Tien-Chung, a small town in Chang-Hwa city, central Taiwan.

Chen Chao-Pao became known as Apao, a Taiwanese nickname which suits him so well that it has continued throughout his adult life.


Athough from a farming background, his artistic flair and natural affinity for form and colour was recognised and he attended Taiwan National University of Arts, receiving a sponsor and close friend after graduation. National service developed a satirical and humorous attitude which was feted by both gallery owners and publishers. Seven comic serials were published and solo exhibitions were held every year in Taipei and abroad. His works were purchased by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. He was honoured by the China National Cultural Association in Taiwan for his contribution to Art.


In 1982 he was invited to Germany by the Bauemier Gallery. As a turning point in Apao’s artistic career, he became fascinated by European culture and Western Art. For him, Chinese Water Ink Paintings were too limiting and repressed; he needed to be more dynamic. In 1983 he moved to Paris and during this time he lived and exhibited until 2002. Solo exhibitions were held every year in Taipei, Canada and New York. His painting style changed: techniques, colours, images.


He began painting nudes. Even though he was influenced by Western art and Culture he was Chinese oriented. Always a combination or conflict of East and West. Subtle reflections of his own cultural inheritance and life.

In 2002 returning to Taiwan, Apao now teaches at the National Taiwan University of Art. His recent sculptures are interesting in both their unique style and vibrant glazes and have come to the attention of International Galleries.

Featured Exhibitions
2007     March, coincided with Kew Festival
2006     ART Singapore
            Shanghai Art Fair

Available Works