ANGELA TAY, Australia

Humanised Pedestrian Crossing, 2005
Rubber, laminated board, acrylic paint, 6 x panels   48cm x 21cm x 5cm


Angela is a contemporary Sydney artist of Chinese Malaysian descent.  She has lived in Australia for 36 years.

She uses both traditional Chinese painting media and non-traditional art materials in her work.  These are presented as two and three-dimensional art forms.
Angela is interested in spatial arrangements of lines, space and movement. Her work draws from her experiences in natural and built environments. Her field trips, which have involved extensive travels in Australia, China and South East Asia, are integral to her art.

In terms of techniques, Angela is influenced by her formal art training, which was in traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal carving at China Academy of Fine Arts (formerly Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts). She is also trained in drawing with charcoal and pastel. Angela has studied other Chinese arts such as garden design and Feng Shui. She has practiced and taught Tai Chi for over twenty years.  The essential principles of all these influences impact on her art making and underpins all her work.  Angela's work is an ongoing journey that encompasses her environment and personal observations.

Angela has exhibited her work in solo exhibitions in Sydney, and group exhibitions in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne and Townsville. Her work is collected in Australia, Germany, USA and Asia.  She has been a recipient of various artist grants at national and regional levels.